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Save the Black Woman.

So I have been working hard to bring you all more of me, my brand, and my visions for the future. This is how #SaveTheBlackWoman was born. Three years ago, I wanted to create something that did not just speak to me, but also embodied what I believe in. A concept that has grown with me and that I want to share with you. 

The Black Woman is endangered. We are constantly being appropriated, mistreated, underappreciated, and underpaid. We are constantly trying to stay 5 steps ahead of the curve and working 110% harder just to be told we are not doing enough. We go through all of this, yet we still prevail. We are still beautiful. Still educated. Still defying the odds. Still living. Still here. And everyday we must work to preserve the magic of the black woman and all her glory. 

I want people to see this as a reminder to really protect our black women from all the adversity and injustice placed against them on a daily basis, as we do for so many people in this world. Show us the support, we show you all. Keep motivating us, so we can continue to help create and defy history. Help Save the Black Woman, even if no one else will. 

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Here are additional resources to protect & support Black women:

Please comment more, as well as black businesses to support!

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