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Peace Lives Here.

Peace looks different on all of us. It does not conform to societal standards. It does not come in a pretty package, labeled for our convenience. It is what helps you sleep at night. What helps your soul remain free. I personally have not been living with peace lately. I have been giving way too much of myself to people. Out of habit, I take it upon myself to give everything and everyone my all, even when they are not deserving of it. I am an empath by nature, it is what I do and who I am. I feel for people. I feel people. I want to help. I want to heal. But, these past couple of months I have realized that I was never in a peaceful state, and that was so troubling to me.

I relatively have everything I need in life right now, why can I not feel peace from that alone ? Why was I always so uneasy ? I realized that I could not feel peace, because I literally had pieces of myself that I have given to others all over. I was not whole, mentally or spiritually, and that was so unsettling for me. How can I truly live the peaceful fulfilling life that I aspire to live ,when I truly never feel that peace? How can I continue to intentionally give to others, when I feel so depleted and drained from already giving away too much. I can't. I literally can not, and that was not okay for me.

I have chosen to change. I have chosen to be more intentional with who I give myself to and who I interact with on soul-binding levels. I have learned to be more attentive to who and what fuels my soul vs. drains my soul. I have learned to listen to my intuition when it comes to people and things. I have chosen peace. I have chosen me.

In order to truly live a peaceful life, you have to listen to yourself and only feed your mind and body with people, places, and things that are truly beneficial to you. Stop doing things out of obligation that you have made up in your head. Stop putting energy into dead situations. Stop putting others before yourself. If it does not feel good to you, do not do it. Period. I think we get so stuck in not wanting to come off mean or not wanting to offend others, but honestly people will do it to you all day ( I know, I know, live by the golden rule *eye roll). But seriously, before you get yourself all worked up over something or someone that is out of your control, really sit and process if at any point do they bring you peace. Learn to put yourself first and spare your feelings. Learn to put out  genuine energy and not just deal with things because you think it is what you "should" do. Learn to live for you first, and your peace will come. You deserve your peace.

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